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Re: Who likes their radar?

We have a Raytheon R20x 24 mile radar and have found it a very useful piece of equipment, both at night and in fog as Maine Sail implies, above, but also for tracking weather and particularly squalls at long range which we are often able to avoid. Our radar also allows us to spot relatively smaller "fast movers" well before they are within visual range--roughly 3 miles-- and plan for potentially necessary avoidance maneuvers. Our systems are not integrated and I prefer they are not as, if so, the failure of one may cause one to loose all. Our radar does accept data from our Garmin GPS/Plotter giving us heading and bearings to targets and marking way points with "lollipops" as they come into range. At night we set up a guard zone around the boat and have the radar do a sweep at 20 second intervals. The system will sound an alarm if a target enters the guard zone, whether fixed or moving, which is a valuable aid. The radar also allows us to monitor our position when anchored in foul weather, which, together with the anchor watch on our GPS allows us to guard against dragging and take corrective action, if necessary. This is especially useful in the Keys and Tortugas.

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