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Re: Questions RE: Installing Interior 12v LED Light Strips

Originally Posted by MikoBee View Post
On the ones that I have, you can see the resistors (little rectangles with numbers). I'd post a picture, but I don't have enough posts yet (google "sparkfun 10260", it's the first result). I suspect yours have something similar. If so you don't need to add resistors.
Yes, the type I'm referring to does have resistors built in to the strip, like this:

...But I wasn't sure if they needed anything from the power supply. So you do have those on your boat and you've run them directly off the battery?

Originally Posted by svzephyr44 View Post
I use the LED strips available at auto parts stores for cars. They work fine. I wire them directly into the lighting circuits. One issue I have not addressed is their low current draw. The old circuit breakers are much too big - I may go back and add very low tubular low amp fuses to the circuits in front of the lights.
Is there anything between the light strip and power supply on yours? Just wondering if they might have already added something since it's designed specifically for auto use. I'm planing to buy the LED strip in bulk 16 foot reels, so you have to solder your own connections I am planning on also adding an inline fuse, but not sure which amperage, I'd imagine something pretty small. Any ideas how much is needed?

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