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Re: A Couple Simple Questions Regarding Dinghies

Originally Posted by tdw View Post
.... manufacturers specifications will give carrying capacity. Obviously variable depending on type of dinghy and construction.

Ah true. I guess in a way that's better as my ideal dinghy would be small with good weight capabilities. Speed isnt so much of value to me.

.... smaller dinghys flip over manually and yes the halyard to hoist and drop. From what I've seen people with ribs seem to store them on deck hull down so flipping is not an issue. Pretty easy to manually flip an average sized plastic or inflatable.

Good to hear that flipping isnt too hard. RIBs aren't really my preferred dinghy, I like me some wood, FG or metal more, but I'm not too picky.

.... how long is a piece of string ? How much can a Koala Bear ? From my experience I've never had a problem with a halyard lifting a dinghy on keel boats from 24' and up.

A string is either too short, long enough, or too long. A koala bear can can a lot.

Good to know that you've never had any problems. The main reason I'm so particular about weight is because the dinghy obviously needs to be able to carry a few people + supplies/groceries/etc. And the halyard needs to be able to ATLEAST haul the dinghy and it's motor, but the more the merrier.

.... practice. you create a sling that is attached is such a way as to keep the thing vaguely level as you raise and/or lower though yes you do need to take care in high wind conditions. Usually however simply hanging onto the painter gives sufficient control.

Painter. Good to know; will note. Thank you.
Originally Posted by eherlihy View Post
Depends entirely on the type of dinghy... RIB / PortaBote / Fatty Knees / other... I have a West Marine SB275 Inflatable - it is 9' long, and has a capacity of 683 lbs. According to WM it weighs 68 lbs (I'd say closer to 80) 9' and almost 700 lbs? Not too bad at all. And it only weighs 80? Heck, that's great news!

While it's not light, I can lift my dinghy over the lifelines without using a halyard. I drop it on the stern, and manage it's entry into the water so that the bottom is on the bottom...

I like the idea of halyard lifting a bit more... Carrying and unloading a big dinghy by hand would be awkward for me.

According to NE Ropes, 5mm (the smallest they make) Sta-Set will support 1400lbs... Unless it is a steel dinghy, I don't see that the weight of the dinghy will be a problem for the line. It may be a problem for you, but that's another matter...

Aha 1400lbs is quite overkill. I wasnt so worried about the line itself holding up, but moreso everything else related to the line. Though I guess the mast would be more than strong enough to handle anything that could be tied to it within reason. It does handle strong winds after all...

TIE THE PAINTER OFF (DAMHIK), pick the dink up, and chuck it in. If it lands upside down, flip it over.

Seems easy enough.

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Thanks for all the answers!
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