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Re: 35 year old standing rigging - but rigger says it's ok

Originally Posted by Stumble View Post

Take a look at which is Navtec's service recomendations. They are more conservative in some ways (inspections starting at 6 years old), and less in others (they allow for dye testing instead of x-ray testing).
Ok, I am reading the Navtec site, it has some great information. However, as far as I can tell the dye (or x-ray, ulta sound etc.) testing they are refering to is for Rod Rigging only. Here is their quote:

"• Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Rod
- Navtec Recommends: Dye penetrate testing (liquid
penetration testing) by authorized professional
- Alternative methods: X-ray, ultrasound testing,
eddy current testing."

This test does not pertain to wire cable nor say swage fittings, tangs etc. Rod Rigging is a whole nother animal and requires different inspection techniques when compared to wire rigging most of us have.

Everthing I read in the Navtec literature seems to indicate you can just do a visual inspection and if your rig passes, you are good to go. Navtec does give some estimates of rig life expectancy, but they seem to indicate if a wire rig passes visual, you are good to go. No where do they say a wire rig should be replaced every x years. The exception to this is that Navtec recommends replacing your turnbuckels every 6 years not matter what (due to fact inspection of the threads is nearly impossible).

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