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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by BryceGTX View Post
If that were true, perhaps you can provide a quote from a newer book refuting my statement. My newer books support my statement. However for those that want to understand the mechanics, it is much more clearly explained in the older books.

The other point I wish to pound into peoples minds is that everything we are discussing has been discussed for centries. Even moveable balllast (which current racers think is so cool except they uselessly place it on the keel) was used in every racing boat prior to 1850 when it was outlawed by racing rules.

Like in other subjects your opinions are so twisted that I refuse to discuss them with you and I wonder how many people really believe you know what you are talking about.

It is common knowledge that a stiff boat is safer in bad weather and this is not only a subject NA knows about, any good sailor with experience with stiff and tender boats in bad weather will know that.

A sailboat is not a motorboat that bobs around in waves and in bad weather will be strongly “tied” to a side by the force of wind on its sails. A stiffer boat will have more stability and a superior RM than a tender boat, can carry more sail in bad weather and will be “tied” much strongly to one side than a tender boat that will tend to bob around with the waves.

You don’t need a book to know this; you have only to experience it.


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