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Re: Bug out boat

Originally Posted by IslanderGuy View Post
All though I already answered, I'll amend it here...

In the case of serious natural disaster or societal collapse, my boat wouldn't likely be my escape, as wouldn't be looking to escape. I have to many family and good friends in the area to run away. I'm more of a band together and help out type. I mean, who do we take, and who do we leave to fend for themselves? We could likely take my mom, or my wife's parents, but not both. But not my brothers and their families, or my wife's brother and his family, or my cousin and his family, and that's just the start.

Running away seems like a selfish and pointless exercise, unless things are so bad their all dead, but the chance's of that are quite slim.

My family has some property locally that can be farmed, in the event of serious calamity, that's likely where we would all fall back to.

However, as stated before, in the event of more personal calamity like loosing my job in the middle of a major financial crisis and looking at losing the house and not knowing what to do next, then I would consider "bugging out" on the boat for a while, do what we want to do anyway, but without some of the "niceties" we're saving for now and without the financial cushion we want to have. It's nice to know we could do that for a while and be OK.

It's also nice to know that in the event of total financial ruin, I also have all those family members and lots of good friends that would help us out if needed. But if it was feasible to "bug out" rather then mooching off them, I would take the opportunity as I want to do that anyway
You are one of the lucky ones. Most folks can only take a few days with their family before they need to get away.
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