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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by barefootnavigator View Post
Paulo you are right designers have long since abandoned full keel designs when it comes to production boats that require cheap quick building. ... It would appear the older designers got it right the first time. .. A good friend just lost his half million dollar fin keel to a submerged deadhead, his boat went down in under 3 minutes. If you want to know the difference in strength between full and fin keels, don't ask the designer, don't ask the builder, don.t ask the sailor. Ask the boat yard manager who has to do all the repairs on the boats, or at least the ones that didn't sink.
I agree with you that is possible to build a full keel boat stronger than a fin keel boat the same way that is not possible to build a full keel boat that is so efficient sailing as a fin keel boat (both boats being well designed).

The question here is if the strength we can achieve with a fin keel boat is sufficient to make a safe sailboat (and if so we can have better sailing boats) or if fin keel boats are dangerous.

The huge number of fin keel boats without problems and the very low percentage of problems show that modern materials and building techniques can provide safe fin keel boats.

Regarding being cheaper and quicker to build, as Jeff has pointed already here you got it wrong, it is more complicated and expensive to build a fin keel boat than a full keel boat. The structure that has to be built to transmit the efforts to the hull is very expensive to built.

Saying this I can understand that a very small minority prefers to have (new) a full keel boat instead of a fin keel boat the same way that I accept that a guy prefer to drive a big truck instead of a saloon because it is safer.

Regarding the used market I can easily understand that some full keel boats are so strong that can, after some tens of years, offer a better warranty of solidity than a fin keel boat with the same age, but each case is a case.



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