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Re: Galley counter top material

Originally Posted by Captainmeme View Post
I have some pink Corina from remodeling the kitchen. If you want a hunk, pm me and
we will work something out. I think the problem with any of the thick counter top materials, Corian, granite, soapstone, ect is the additional work around the sink, faucet, icebox and stove as well as the fids. The stainless steel approach is practical as well as functional but a bit cold aesthetically IMHO.
Most of the synthetics like Corian can be worked with with normal wood working tools abet carbide bits. Routers make quick work of holes for faucets and sinks. Though they are available in different thicknesses. For a boater the epoxy glues should not be much different than working with fiberglass.

Originally Posted by zeehag View Post
i found over time since 1956, when i began noticing the counter tops in mommas house that formica is an inferior product from 1950s that equates with inavbility to cleanand keep clean and stains happen and do not come out and the dings and open sores made with pots and pans..ugly stuff. was made for cheap kitchens in tract homes and v=brought to boatdom by cheapest builders.
if ye dont believe it dings and comes apart and stains a lot more than other surfaces, then hit it a few times with a decent pot or pan or a baseball bat, lik emomma did when we bought our house in ny..she hit it to see if it stood up to her kids. it did not. mpmma had tiles placed by 1958. bought house in 1954. no tlong to last, methinks, for a large investment, one would think the surface would not be levittown quality.
Zee, I think in the last 50 years they may have improved it just a bit. I just put in an offer on a house though that was built in 1958 and has the original counter tops and they look new. Very ugly but look new. I don't think they had very much use as it is a two bedroom house likely no kids. Current owner was an elderly lady. But in my "newer" houses I have never had any modern laminate counter top get any significant damage except one guest that decided to cut a lime for drinks without a cutting board, but that was real abuse with an extremely sharp knife.
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