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Re: Battery capacity - Peukert stuff

Five inputs? It's too bad Adobe Reader doesn't include cut&paste, but let's start with the basics.

Cp = I (current) * exp n (from a logarithmic function of times over currents) * t (time)

That's all it does and says. The "inputs" to calculate "n" are logs of time1 and time2, over logs of I (current) 1 & 2.

Time 1, time 2, current 1, current 2 are the four variables used to calculate n. That's four.

Anyway, the answer to your question is that a bigger bank, twice the size, would have twice the time to go based on similar loads. That's all.

The part you seem to be confusing is the P (Peukert's factor) with the doubling of your bank capacity.

The P doesn't change, it stays the same based on the type of battery you have.

Does that clear it up? Based on your first post, are we using the same equation?
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