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Re: HO Alternator & Serpentine Pulley Kit Install

Very nice machining, and sadly this is the kind of job any local machine shop used to be able to do. I'd be somewhat concerned about letting the new pulleys go a year without anodizing. We had a custom pulley made up some years ago and because of time constraints, just ran it bare. Literally found oxides on it within ONE WEEK on the mooring. I'm guessing Electromaxx has chosen an alloy specially for the purpose, rather than "What do you have that's about a half inch thick?"

I'd only disagree with calling that a serpentine belt. AFAIK that's just a RIBBED belt and it doesn't change to "serpentine" until the belt winds in and out, and requires a tensioning wheel to make it stay put. If simple tension will hold it--that's just a ribbed belt.

I'd be curious to hear what some belt makers had to say about the pros and cons of using more smaller ribs, as the Jason belt does, instead of larger ribs like common automotive belts. More machining on the pulleys, or more expensive knives to cut the pulleys? Versus thicker wider belts that would cost more to make, but might last longer? I get the feeling there are some unobvious engineering tradeoffs there and can't help wonder. But hey, wtf, if you need a belt in some odd spot like Beaufort or Pitcairn know what they used to say about Landrover? Doesn't matter where you are, in town or in the bush, it will still take one week to express a part to you. Good idea to carry multiple spares.

Something I have to wonder about, is that alternator bodies are never fluted. In theory, if you're going to bother with your own castings, you could flute the whole body in order to get a huge increase in heat shedding, which should translate into a huge gain in alternator output as it heats up.

Looks like a nice setup though.
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