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I believe we must have both been typing at the same time. As I mentioned in the preceding post, having visited their website, the Alerion does look great. Thing is, I can't find where the $100K is. The inside looks like a schoolbus. Now, that's fine with me. If the cockpit is comfortable, that's what counts. I've read criticisms of the small J-boats comfort-wise, but they're racers. Plus, there's no carbon fiber here, not even Kevlar. Vinylester is as hi-tech as it gets. It is a balsa-cored hull; I'm sure that runs the cost up. I suppose if we threw the option list at it, loaded it down with electronics, and tacked on the labor bill, someone would be willing to accommodate the salivating buyer with a $100K tab. But, this is all just a first impression.

It is a great looking boat. Aesthetics was not on my want list, but it can be persuasive. I'm definitely going to look into this one. I've just got to find out what I would be buying.

Almost got me! This is replying to your third post. All of my sailing experience was in Key Biscayne and the keys many (don't ask) years ago. No powerboating at all. As mentioned in another post, the inboard spec was for clearing the breakwater in the mouth of Charleston Harbor. I've seen it, been in it on a larger boat, but haven't sailed in it. What I'm really looking for is a nice, smaller boat for learning purposes. If an inboard is not practical, then an outboard will have to do. It's all a bag of compromises. Similarly, no proper head available, the portapotty will have to do. The Alerion may be the answer. Jeff_H in earlier posts (I have been reading archived Forums) spec'd out boats that meet these needs, and I have supplemented his list to meet the perceived local conditions in Charleston. I presently live in Atlanta and am anticipating relocation next year concurrent with acquiring this boat.

Thanks very much for your input. It's appreciated.


ps: Do you know anything about this saildrive they're using?

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