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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
I don't care for everything I see outside the boundaries of my land proprty but I don't try to dictate how it should look or be kept.
If I see something beyond the boundaries of my proprty that upsets me I simply avert my eyes to spare myself the agravation. Or to put it more painly, I mind my own bussiness. If I wanted to harass my neighbors I get a house in a homeowners assoc.

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That is you that are not managing a marina. The ones that are doing that are interested in maintaining clients satisfied and that include keeping it in a way that pleases the vast majority and it is their business to make rules how others should keep their property to warrant that the ambiance suits that majority.

Of course if you don’t agree you can always leave and look for one that suits you or even one that has no rules at all, even if that is hard to imagine.

And rules are not only to live in a marina. In Holland if your house has a yard, if you have it not properly cared, you will be fined. Beautiful gardens everywhere and that's the way they want it. They will not allow that some careless guy spoil that even if it is on its yard. Everybody knows the rules, you can always live elsewhere, in a house without a yard


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