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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
The question here is if the strength we can achieve with a fin keel boat is sufficient to make a safe sailboat (and if so we can have better sailing boats) or if fin keel boats are dangerous.

The huge number of fin keel boats without problems and the very low percentage of problems show that modern materials and building techniques can provide safe fin keel boats.

I think you are missing barefootnavigator's point. Clearly, by any measure a 9 foot fin keel that is thinner and shorter will be much more subject to damage from a hit than a 2 foot keel that is both wider and longer. This is a characteristic of the dimensions that cannot be argued.

Presumably both boats have the same construction materials and techniques because they are built in the same years. Lets ignore racing boats for a moment as these guys have bottomless pocket books.

So in this discussion, you are relating how great this racer 40 is because it has a very long keel. Which as we know can create some quite large forces. And you say this is very good. However, earlier in this thread you are concerned about a boat tripping over its keel. This very long keel on this racer presents exactly the same scenario as your earlier discussion of the boat tripping over the keel given the same sea conditions. And I had just got finished talking about the same thing only a few posts back with Jeff discussing why this happens.

So which is it Paulo.. do we use a very deep keel to cause our boat to trip over its keel and more likely to break in a hit, or do we use a longer/wider keel (not deeper) that has neither problem.

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