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Re: Bug out boat

The best color to paint a boat to camouflage it is gray or khaki, that's why military boats are so colored.

In terms of lack of haul-outs, what can do is set up a pulley system, with enough mechanical advantage can do it with a group of people. Can even make a portable catamaran dock out of plastic barrels.

Lack of boat materials? best material in that case is ferrocement, as concrete was one of the first manufactured building materials, and is the most common in the world. Can even make it yourself if you have a furnace. Also the color of the boat if it's not painted is gray so it would automatically be camo. If finished with metal it makes a tight surface which makes it hard for paint to stick, so I figure it'll also be hard for barnacles and such.

In terms of "no man is an island" that's true, and also some communities are better prepared in case of a bug out situation, such as first-nations people, especially those still living the in the traditional ways.

Here in Canada with the longest coastline in the world, we have vast areas of uninhabited beaches.

We don't have a boat yet though have lots planned, and am studying more on how to sail repair boats and things like that.

Once Americans start single filing into the "residential centers" we'll probably have at least a few months if not years warning.
Also Obama said that even though he signed it, they wouldn't do it while he was in office, if he gets re-elected that means we have another 4 years. I have a spiritual feeling it'll be at least 6.
We're planning to get a boat within 3, so should be good.

Also we're only on the second-last pope, and he still seems to be in good health, probably has a few more years in him. After him is peter the roman, the last pope, and end of the catholic church, whatever finishes them off, is probably going to be quite the calamity, the last pope will be feeding famished people. So it could be either a natural calamity, or some ridiculous dictatorship.

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