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Re: Considering doing Live Aboard. (Need Advise)

Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
Yes, I am on it right now typing on this keyboard . Along w/ my wife,daughter and cat . We had 4 dogs on previous trips (they have since passed away fron old age)
as to the oven , I've got an origo oven and stove an isotherm frigde, a splendide vented washer dryer, 3000watt gen, diesel kubota inboard,over 100 gallon fresh water, 2 heads one msd one porta in case the other fails,Had a 5cu ft. freezer but it broke so I took it out to repair it, and I've got a Katydin 40E watermaker I've been meaning to instal, but actually I'd probably never use it where I cruise.
per the storage issue- 32'X10' is the same volume regardless of who measures it out. Storage is just wise packing.
Believe me the other half and daughter don't leave much behind. One year my daughter had a barbie diamond castle in her cabin and the next year she brought the barbie cruise boat !
and yes light displacement is alot less comfy than a 20 tonner. but we manage nicely and don't mind the shoal 3.5' draft or the short 46' stick. Get to go more interesting places larger draft never will.
as per sea kindliness, the Buccaneer can put up with alot more than I care to, so I pick my weather.
As I said b4 we've been sailing up and down the east cost seasonaly since 2006 inside and outside with no issues.

Bucc's forever- or at least till I find something else inexpensively.
I've seen the 320's sell for as high as $18000.00 to as low as the $1000 I paid for te one I have now.
If cost wasn't an issue I think I'd get a Gulfstar 40-50' the're floating motorhomes as well !
OK but that is not the 25 foot Bucc that is being discussed here. The 320 is a lot bigger for sure about 4 times the displacement, and is a center cockpit meant for coastal cruising. I don't think anyone would consider a 32 foot boat too small to live on, especially one with raised decks and center cockpit. Though 4 dogs might push the limit!

The Bucc 25 is not going to be able to have a stove with oven, refrigerator, washer/dryer or generator. Well they might be able to put a portable generator in a lazerette and bring it on deck and run it when not raining too hard in the north west. (does it ever not rain there?)

And no storage is not just square footage, well actually cubic footage. Some boats are designed with lots of storage. They have built in storage and room in the keel for storage, day sailors don't. You don't want to wind up with a bunch of plastic bins you have to move around constantly. The OP is also talking about full time living in the North West so winter clothes is a must, as is good 12 volt or non electric heat. The Bucc 250 is a day sailor. I am not trying to be argumentative, just trying to help the OP (who does not seem to have returned by the way) make a more informed decision. Yes you can live in a one man tent, but if it costs not much more why not get a 4 man, so you can have a guest over if you want. And maybe even 4 dogs!

Your out there and doing it and that is great! I hope you remain safe and enjoy the great trip that life is!

I would not want a Gulfstar 40-50 ft, I think I could get a much better boat for less money for my plans. While I want something comfortable and seaworthy, more important is sailing ability, especially for light airs.
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