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Re: Im buying a big boat! But i have never sailed

Thanks guys for all the advice, it is very helpful and appreciated,.
i know it sounds like i have totaly made up my mind on this, and to be honest im about 95% in favour, and me knowing me that's normaly good enough! but there is still that 5% saying i will get board of it after a few years, arrrg i dont know.
can i just put one thing to bed, this insurance issue, everybody on hear keeps saying i wont be able to insure it, i can.
when the current owner had fully comp on her, it used to cost him around 880 per yer year, but for the last 3 years when she was in the water he reduced it to 3rd party as he saw it as a waste of money, so insurance is not an issue, infact if i do buy it i will probably go the rout of fully comp for the first year atleast anyway.
as for the price of the boat, i did say to him that although he had spent a lot of money on the boat, that dose not necessarily mean that his valuation of the boat in todays market is correct, and i do intend to get a profesional one done.
i am going to suggest we both pay for one doing, and see if we can find some common ground on price, because i do think it is over valuated.
having said that i am not having to take out a lone with added interest, because i can pay him over a period of time so that is a plus.
i do appreciate all the advice, im a firm believer that a good conversation with a learned man, over a table and and Brandy, is better than a years worth of reading books,.
i can see that on hear most people are from the USA, there must be some really bad examples of F/C boats over there as you guys hate them i have read a lot of horror stories about badly built ones, mostly down to the fact that they have plasterd the hull by them selves, too much cement= to heavy
not enough= too weak and so on,.
when this boat was being built the guy had some guys from hartlys in Newzerland fly over to plaster it for him over a 12 hour period, so the hull is absolutly the best quality, its not your typical back yard throw together, where someone has built the hull in 3 different pours, its been done properly.
wow im talking my self into that last 5% hear lol, i knew i was on hear for a reason .
anyway getting to the sailing bit, comon guys is it really that hard, the way i see it is, set the sat nav, and way points, engine power out to sea, get the sail up if it flaps in the wind mess around with some pullys until it finds the wind and away you go, 3/4 days later im having a ravioli dinner!.
buy the way it has all the gadgets as in radar, fish finder, bow thrusters, satnav, depth sonar, auto pilot, so i suppose what im asking is, with all the tech, and a couple of months with him showing me the ropes at weekends in the north sea i should be ok shouldent i.
All the best
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