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Re: Tell Me About Jeanneaus

Originally Posted by blt2ski View Post
Not to get too far off topic here. A thought, maybe sloop can reflect on BG's thoughts as I did.....While BG does say iron is better. maybe in HIS boat designs, being as he designed mostly from what I can tell full keels. They can bounce if you will a bit better than fin's can, hence why and iron ballast might be better from this standpoint. Where as lead in a fin, as paulo points out would be better, with the give being a softer material.

Please note, lets keep this to an iron vs lead part of the disscusion, not merits of fin vs full. There is another rather large thread elsewhere to go into that part of the disCUSSion.

At the end of the day, a jeanneau would probably work well for the OP, as would a Catalina or beneteau in reality. Marty
I really can't say, not being a materials engineer. With a lead keel deforming, it seems to me that all the stress energy is contained within the boat. When an iron keel bounces off, I don't know where or how the energy is dissipated.

I have grounded hard with a lead fin and I know that the absorption of energy by the lead deforming doesn't feel like much - it was quite a shock.

I've never grounded an iron keel so I have no personal comparison, I just thought that Garden had the experience to know the difference after 1000 boats or so.
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