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Re: Im buying a big boat! But i have never sailed

Ok I'll bite. Trouble and strife is Londond slang ( co ckney ) for whife. Right thats that one out of the way. Seaboy I had my boat In Ipswich, in a way just down the road from you but have sailed over to the US side of the pond this summer. I did the trip solo but have done 15 transats before, all being the trade wind route and in the winter month. Take one or two people with you when going down the coast and through the chanel. Its busy down there and if you don't know exactly what you are doing, your trip south may well find an aprupt ending right there and then. I sailed to Torquay as my last port of call and filled water and diesel tank up there before I left for the azores. If you are planing on sailing south on your own, stay away from the continental shelf of the bay if biscay or things can get very steep very fast. Been down and up that way a few times and now I tend to stay well out of it. You can get back closer into shore once you get to La Coruna and then do day sailing coast hops for most of the rest of the way down the Spanish and Portuguise coast. You don't want to ruin that leather interior with a few bucket of salt water rushing down the companion way now do you? Do at least a day skipper course with the RYA so you know what all those green red and white flashing lights are for. Also take the sort range VHF cert or you could find yourself in trouble just by sailing in the wrong spots on a day when areas are declared off limits by the coast guard. Then you trip could end up in the nick and not in Italy.If you make it down to the south of Spain, another buisy stretch is the straights of Gib. Again, try to get someone who knows whats what with you in that area. If you want to do it solo, good luck and get a good life insurance so that the touble and strife is looked after when you try to walk some of the way
If you do try to take the shorter route across the bay and not stay out with lots of sea romm, take a few extra pairs of undies with ya ........ my guess is you'll need em.

Take care


ps. Some say that I am mad and I have been doing this sailing thing for a while

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