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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

The liveaboard "debate" (for lack of a better word) is no different than most topics of discussion in that as long as everyone involved recognizes the validity of the "other side's" viewpoint, things tend to work themselves out.

It's funny how we tend to categorize the other side. Not picking on you, Joethecobbler, but I noticed in your last post that you have on-the-surface become that which you rail against. Going to a marina, expressing interest in dock space with no intention of moving there just to watch the owners/operators "grovel"? I mean, if that's fun for you, that's fine but it's probably not fair to denigrate "those people" if you walk the same walk, so-to-speak. Again, not picking on you, but from the outside looking in, it seems like both sides of that equation has room for improvement.

To each their own I always say, as long as we recognize one side is no better/worse than the other and we all pay our fair share. If a marina doesn't charge extra for liveaboards, that just means that all of the users pay for decisions of a few.
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