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Re: Is Dinghy sailing for me?

A larger boat with a proper cockpit, sheet and halyard lines means the only moving you will have to do is changing seating positions. Leaving and returning to the dock may require you to stand up but often not require any magical leg positions unless you are steering into a slip solo. The smaller boats require you to move your body often because not only are you constantly adjusting for the wind but you are also part of the ballast. On a larger boat you are the pilot only and get to do all the fun pilot things without having to worry about shifting another 30lbs over the beam to keep the keel making way right.

Not to pull rank but I almost lost both my legs to wonderful specialist that misdiagnosed a shattered heal, crushed ankle and a massive crush muscle group as a pulled muscle and a bruise. After changing docs when one leg went necrotic I was on the way to recovery and now I can walk again (not well mind you but good enough). I am missing a lot of bone and half my ligaments on my left foot and my right leg is missing 1/3 of the muscle. I am in constant pain from my left leg while walking and occasionally have issues with the right because of massive scar tissue....and I love sailing. It sets me free and even in my condition I can handle sails and pilot. You need to work it out and try sailing on something larger like a 22'. You may find that the experience is not only liberating but helps you condition your mind to handle and redirect the pain to more constructive purposes like reaching for a camera to take pictures of the dolphins coming up on the bow.


"I am of the mind that anything with a proper sail attached to it has the potential to profoundly alter ones concept of the world."

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