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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Glad to see that you finally agree that the 40class boat is a lot stiffer.

Since it seems that we are agreeing, I have to answer to a honest question

Regarding RM the ones from the two boats would not be that different.

What would be massively different is the GS curve, the arm length curve. For the RM curve you have to multiply those values by the displacement of the boat and as the Oceanis weights about the double that will make things more even. In the end it would not be a considerable difference.


LOL.. you best quit while you are no so far behind.

I did not say definitively it was stiffer, could be. You seem to be confusing RM with stiffness which I can imagine would be a common mistake. They are quite different things. If you want to convince anyone of anything, just post the RM diagrams.

But ignoring that for a moment, you are comparing two boats that are miserable in rough water. So not sure that you are making a rational point.

You are just asking which boat will be more or less miserable. Now if I had to be on one of these boats in rough water with my wife, no doubt I would pick the Oceanis. And it is possibly less stiff which supports what I said earlier. However, I would pick it because it invariably would be more comfortable on a drouge and obviously, it is a better cruising boat.

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