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Re: Im buying a big boat! But i have never sailed

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
I can buy a sewing machine...I sew buttons on my shirts and hems in my pants- I must a surgeon
I can buy connect and screw in a light bulb,,, I must be an elctrician
I can buy and make model rockets... I must be an astronount
I can buy fly a Cessna.....I must be a commercial airline pilot
I can buy a book and learn to mediate an argument with others....I must be a arbitrator
I can buy and read law books...I must be a judge
I can buy a Ferrari...I must be a formula 1 driver
I can buy Dr Suess books...I must be a teacher
I can buy a weather app...I must me a meteorologist
I can buy and operate a computer...I must be a rocket scientists/ physisct
I can buy a cookbook and follow a recipe...I must be a chef

I can buy a ferrocement sailboat...I must be a sailor,,,how hard is it really... turn on the engine,,,pull on a few pullys...use the radar and gadgets and point the boat to will get there.

Find another hobby. Becoming a good sailor requires more than buying the boat, reading some books, getting a few pointers. You can hurt yourself and others/ If you arent ready to put the time in to gain some experience and open your mind up to listening to others who MAY have more wisdom than you, and slow down a little ( without giving up your dream), then you are a menace to yourself. However I do beleive people have the right to commit suicide.

You can hurt yourself and others/ should be Can KILL yourself and others... That is the issue, if he might just brake a leg or an arm who would care, but he can kill himself or others, that is the problem. I have started a few comments on this topic a few times since the first day the troll started it, but have always refrained.
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