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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

Chef2sail - Thank you for the insight about your YC . It definitely gives me a view into a fine long standing establishment that apparently furthers the interests of boating and sailing.
I wouldn't and cannot deny that at any level and I must say The rates you quoted when compared to other locations and Marinas aren't bad at all! Hell, I could even afford it if I were so inclined and was willing to forgo a few other of my interests that consume my meager earnings. Sounds like not a bad place at all.
BUT - (and a rather large but at that) When I made reference to class warfare I wasn't refering to you opposed to WingNWing I was refering to BOTH OF YOU .
And I wil attempt to explain.
You BOTH are of the upper financial bracket (apparently WingNWing a bit more so ??)
I didn't mean to indicate that you-all were of different financial class but rather you both were "well Heeled" and that it is interesting that you had differing opinions and views , I am now even MORE fascinated as to you differing perspectives in light of your revealed friendship and all.
You have dispelled a bit of the YC stereotype I had of you (chef2sail) in light of the costs and figures as well as the structure of you club. interesting view into your world.
I also find it quite nice that you can have a difference of opinion and still be friends, as it should be.
However , the way I read your posts and the fact that you enjoy the HOA relationship of homeownership I percieve you as a bit of a harsher outlook to the financially lesser endowed (two homes each for you and spouse,HOA,Jersey shore) I mean come on man.
Now , that being said , bully for you ! I think it's great your doing well and wish you the best in the future. I'm not of the "hate the Rich" mindset, I appreciate your opinions and perspective I just don't always understand it or agree with it.
Like I said "I could be wrong" thanks for the clarification.
No hostility meant and (I hope) no hard feelings.
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