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Re: Finger Lakes,NY to Key West,Fl.

So, tonight we end up tied to the fonda wall in Mohawk,NY It's a canal authority facility where they apparently haul out barges and tugs and other canal maintenence equipment.
A 10-20 acre fenced in facility.
As it is friday night everybody is gone (workers) and the place is locked up, as in - we're locked IN ! it's supposed to be for docking for free for transients traversing the canal, just to let you know we're not tresspassing or anything.
We float up at about 6pm and I secure the boat and want to ride my little 20" folding Citta 6 speed down the road to a TA truckstop for some diesel additive for cold weather (supposed to get real cold tonight) and grab a gallon of Milk or two ( my 8 year old and I are admitted milk lovers and wife likes it too,for coffee)
So off I go to find out I'm locked in ,6" fence all around.
Except for a 50 ' section on the southwest section bordering the wooded lot .
I exit there to come out along someones back yard that borders it. I saw a couple young kids out playing in the yard and mom ever watchful so I took my hat off and introduced myself and told her why I was coming up out of the woods w/ a bycycle so that she wouldn't think I was a wack or call the cops on me.
She was cool with it and told me that the dollar store was just 2 blocks away and I didn't need to go a mile to the truckstop , for which I thanked her and ended up going to both anyway to get all the stuff I needed and wanted.
Now, I gotta paint the picture for you to get the thrust of the situation. you see I'm about 300 Lbs. and only 5'8" and not exactly GQ with a big long bushy grey beard and half bald (sorta like a homeless santa), and to make matters worse I wacked me head on the spreader (the mast is on deck) and got a big black bruise in the middle of my forhead (hurt like hell, almost fell overboard !)
So , I try to remember that when I'm coming out of the woodline in back of peoples houses !
So here I am riding around on a 20" folding bike Looking like a circus bear w/ a bag of groceries balanced in a little basket hanging on the handlebars .
Yea, I get a few looks , and draw the attention of local sherrif often. So I always carry ID and my VA card, and boater safety card. that usually convinces most LEO's I'm not an escaped mental patient when I tell em' I'm "on a sailboat w/ my family headed to Key West" (you should see the confusion on their faces, followed by a perplexed look and a "your what?")
Anyway, an hour later I'm back on the boat with the goods and totaly exhausted. Mom's making dinner 8 year old daughter "Marina" is elated I bought cookies, and even the cat "grey" "mewed" welcome back. I sat in the cockpit wiped out cooling down.
If I'm gonna get that Pedicab job in Key West I gotta get all the bycycling in I can to build up my Stamina.
I get some rest, this vacation / cruising is exhausting.
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