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Trimaran versus fast monohull

Hi, nice video, thanks for posting it!

There are no surprises there, at least for me. But they only show few images of both boats upwind and even so you could see that the Pogo points better and it is not properly a boat that points very well.

Here you can see some images of a J122 against a F31, that is probably faster than the Dragonfly 32, where that is evident.

This year I had the opportunity of sailing near a trimaran, I think it was a Corsair 31, both boats close upwind and that was very evident. We arrived at almost time at the same destination. The sea had some short steep waves that seem to slow it down more than they slow my boat and he only went clearly away when he arrive near shore and he got flat water. On worst sea conditions with more wind and waves I am sure I would not only be faster but would have a much more comfortable and drier sailing. After a given limit of sail and sea I can continue safely while he was to look for shelter.

I know we are talking about two different sized boats but a 30ft trimaran costs about the same as a 40ft sailboat and besides that would be the case even with a bigger trimaran:

If we look at the results of races that are made with Trimarans and Monohulls, even if that are downwind sails (transats) we can see that when the weather is ruff an Open 60 can normally beat a 50ft racing trimaran and also that almost all monohulls survive bad weather while the causalities on the trimarans are huge and many abandon with damaged boats or capsizes.

Of course, when they get good weather and relatively flat water the trimarans are much faster.

So, regarding your choice it all has to do with the use you are going to give to the boat. Sure, a trimaran would be more fun but it has its limitations, specially a small one like the 32 or even more the 27 and I am not talking only about the interior space or price.



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