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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

As a liveaboard in a medium size marnia here is south Florida I have seen it all as portrayed by most commentaries here. We have both ends of the spectrum here; ultra rich to those living on a disability check. While my marina does not have many of the amenities that most marinas further north up the east coast have, it is a comfortable living. I have been up and down the Florida Keys where folks live on derelict boats and to be honest eye sores. But I am not one to judge, knowing that those folks are doing the best they can. We have 5 of those boats here in my marina with folks living below poverty income. They are all nice folks. My biggest objection is when those boats are towed out to be abandon in Marine Stadium Bay for the authorities to take care of. There are 3 such boats now out there.
We do provide a service to the marina we live on. The biggest one is security. Even though there are camera's everywhere we have stopped a few thefts over the years I have been here. Second is a set of eyes on the infrastructure of the marina itself. We bring the problems like water breaks, electrical outages, dock repairs and others that would cost the owners of both the marina and boat owners many dollars if not correct early. Also, we watch all the boats especially those around us for problems, like docklines breaking, not tied right, bilge pump running constantly avoiding a boat sinking, AC pump running dry due to blockage and many other problems. We are good neighbors worth our weight in gold.
As far as consuming more resources I don't fully agree. Here in my marina the owners here use more water and electricity than me. In the water department, they get their boat washed every week, run their AC at 65 degrees 24/7, and leave their trash where it doesn't belong. They don't live here hence they don't take care of the facilities like liveaboards do.
Liveaboard is a lifestyle done by choice. No one is holding a gun to our heads to live like we do. We live our dream how most land folks live theirs. It can be a difficult one at times especially when mother nature decides to not be nice or the constant maintenance that is required to maintain our boats.
Marina charges are what the market can bear. It is a Republic Capitalist Society defined by the constitution. If we don't like what they charge, we are lucky we can move, sell the boat or just pay the fee. Some marina owners like us and see the benefit we bring, while others don't. It is their choice not mine. Just like gated communities with HOA rules one has a choice to live there or not. Same with marinas.

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