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Re: Buying a 30-40 year old boat - your opinions

I generally agree with the above comments. I own a 30 year old boat. I also know that many people getting ointo sailing for the first time nowadays are not necessarily looking for the same things I am in a boat. Even though I love the teak interior of our boat, and my house is furnished with rich woods etc, many of the younger people like the ikea type look, many of them like clean lines. many of them look at the open space on todays production boats, and thats exactly what they are looking for. If they built these boats and it wsnt what people wanted...they wouldnt ever sell them. far be it from me to make fun of or denigrate others tastes and looking at what they want in a boat to tailor it to their family.

I have always been a rather traditional sailor for the 40 years i have done it. Twenty years aho I never would have though of putting davits on my fast sail boat as it would have slowed me down. I didnt see a need for electronic instruments...I had a chart. A television....why no way. Times change. I have davits, radar, chartplotter, autopilot, AIS, refrigeration, ways to charge my ipad/ smart phone etc. and yes a flatscreen with a DVD. Am I less of a sailor....nope. Did it take .25 knots off my speed...yes, but not concerned with that anymore. I went from a traditional bolt footed main to a loose footed on...did the world stop spinning on its axis...nope. I also know a lot of the saiolrs coming into the sport for the first time are used to creature comforts as they grew up with them. They all have smart phone ( I do too) and would never think of having a flip phone. Many of them do not want to spend hours on maintainence of wood inside or out so veneer surfaces, and vinal is perfect for what they want. I dont want and huge cockpit, ...its become the norm. I dont want some large assed aft so I can step easily down into my dinghy...but to them...thats what they require. So the new boats are made the way the want things. Also to use the same materials ( teak) and make new boats the way my was made would make the boat a lot more expensive than many could afford.

So when I got to the boat show no I dont really go to look at the boats interiors I look at the way they have changed designs to utikize space that I can do on mine. Many of the boats today are built to meet a price point. Mine was built to aim for a racer who wanted to cruise also. Pure racers looked at my boat 30 years ago as an anathama to their spartan race boats. How dare someone equip a racer with a shower, 4 burner propane stove, 100 gallons of water, good sized nav station. This is natural.

My friends, the difference now is that we on the other side of the curve than we were 25 years ago when we first got into boating and he traditionalists were saying many of the same things about the type of boats we liked and wanted. Go with the flow. I get pleasure out of seeing families together on weekends anchored in coves on the Chesapeake in the big chlorox bottle white insides with wide assed sterns and creature comforts a plenty boats laughing and being together.

Time to go with the flow. I buy what I want...So can they.

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