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Re: Replacing lead Keel bolts

Originally Posted by cousineddy View Post
Wowsa Eherlihy! What a surprise? How would you ever know there was a problem? Those bolts look fine!! I would have chalked that seem up to normal flexing!

I cut the 5200 away, the keel dropped a bit. See Pics. I am thinking that I will install 8 stainless 1/2-13 hanger bolts. Currently, there are six 1/2-13 studs. I was thinking maybe I should add two 5/8 window bolts in addition. Not really sure if that is necessary. Clamp force on these hangers is 9600 lbs.

It looks like the studs are in good shape up to the bilge. In the bilge is where the corrosion occured. This boat must have had a wet bilge most of its life.
Those pics are from September 2010.

When she was hauled for survey, I looked at the boat from directly off the bow. IIRC the boat was not perfectly level in the slings, but the keel pointed straight down. Regardless of my failing memory, I do recall that the keel did not appear symmetrical with the hull. It was not off a lot, perhaps to 2. The yard manager, and the broker, felt that the boat came off the production line like that. The surveyor was quiet.

I kept expressing my concern, because it just didn't look right to me. Finally, the surveyor crawled under the hull, and looked up at the joint. As he was crawling under the keel, he pulled on the keel, and it moved. He quickly got up from under the hull, and told me that I was right, and the keel was loose. The keel would flex about " port to starboard at the bottom of the keel.

Here is a pic taken immediately after the keel was repaired. You can see that the keel and the hull appear symmetrical.

(I forgot how bad her gelcoat looked when I first bought her... Sheeesh!)

Left unchecked, this would have only become worse as the boat was tacked. I don't get what you mean by "normal flexing."

I had the hull sodablasted and barrier coated this year. Here is what the keel joint looked like after it was stripped in April, 2012;

(Thanks to Maine Sail for his tips on Compounding and Waxing. This boat was not compounded or waxed this year before the pics were taken, or at all this year, because I could not get clear access to work on the boat in the yard that I stored her last winter. The hull was last compounded by me 1 year before this pic was taken. She will look better next year.)


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