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Re: Optimal propulsion system

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
"We gotta get the Tesla guy to work on marine propulsion. He'd figure it out. "
Someone hasn't read up on what the Tesla cars are. It would be very easy to build a boat the same way. Make it a two seater, tack an extra fifty grand on the price to cover the battery system, and Bob's your uncle.

There's no magic in the Tesla cars, just a lot of EXPENSIVE stuff.

They were supposed to be partnering with Toyota for the RAV4 EV this year, but Toyota has also made some major quite announcement about getting out of the EV market (except for a handful of pre-committed cars as a test) completely now. They see it as being totally uneconomical.

Got a boat? Get a diesel, Mr. Herr Professor Doktor whatever Diesel designed them to run on peanut oil, not petroleum products. Of course, he had no idea the particulates in the exhaust would cause asthma and cancers, but the fuel (vegetable oil, unprocessed) is certainly cheap enough.
Right. The high-end sports car is ideal for electric in many ways. The car itself can be tiny so the batteries are practically carrying nothing but themselves and it benefits from the incredibly high low-end torque of electric motors. Plus it's expensive. Tesla was smart going in that direction but none-the-less I think the company still had a lot of close calls. Designing that car still wasn't easy.

As for boats, what I'd love to see someone try is to properly design in batteries as balast. An encapsulated full keel has lots of potential space if a boat builder designed it from the outset to hold batteries with a robust rack system.

If you could stack them 2 or 3 layers deep that could be significant capacity and since it's replacing ballast anyway there would be little penalty - the main one being the lower weight density of batteries compared to lead (you could still have lead at the bottom). The challenge would be to make it safe and serviceable.
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