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Re: Woman Missing – A warning to Newbies.

Originally Posted by SloopJonB View Post
My apologies Geoff - I didn't mean it as a personal attack on you. That term "partner" is a bit of a red flag to my bull. I perceive it as an indication of some degree of a lack of commitment to ones spouse. A wife rates a different term describing her relationship to you than the guy you run a hardware store with or share a boat with.

And no, I don't believe in "obey" - read my post again. That doesn't mean I'm just going to say "Okay dear, your decision, have a nice time" if she plans on doing something I know to be extraordinarily hazardous or foolhardy.

In a case like the one under discussion, I'd go with her or insist someone else with adequate experience go.

If she wanted to go hangliding, I'd insist she get some instruction, not just go along with her buying one and jumping off somewhere high.

To me that's the difference between being a couple in a marriage and two people living together or POSSLQ's as the Canadian government terms them (persons of the opposite sex sharing living quarters).
No need to apologize (well, except for calling me a yuppie ) - no reason we should agree as long as it's kept reasonably civil.

Just as "partner" is a bit of a red flag to you, terms like "insist" are a red flag to me. I've never liked being told what I can or can't do and I wouldn't try to that to anyone else. I'll counsel, persuade, entreat but never insist. The good think about meeting the right person late in life is that you've already made the mistakes before .

BTW - looking at the pictures, I have a sneaking suspicion which one was the dominant partner in that relationship.
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