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Re: New Northeast Liveboard - First Condensation/Mildew Battle

Thank you everyone for such awesome and excellent responses.

After trying to track down "drainage mat" in lieu of hyper-vent, which I can't seem to find, I am ordering hyper-vent today. In the mean time, Jill or I flip the mattress up each day to dry it out.

With space heaters and venting, things have been much better. Although too much vent...and it gets a bit chilly.

The boat also has an electric heat/ac system. The water strainer sea water intake for the heat/ac system needed a few parts but I got that part of it figured out. It appears I have AC and a fan working...but no heat from the unit...yet. Another project. Still just the fan is good for circulating air through the ducted system. I'm just a little reluctant to leave it running all the time. Any thoughts?

I picked up some small space heaters from West Marine...they were obviously expensive from there, but seem to work well. They do seem to draw a lot of power though and must be run on separate circuits...of which for my 110v I only have 2 circuits. I might grab a few space heaters from Home Depot and experiment with those as well. Perhaps they will draw less power.

Beneath the bed are some somewhat accessible lockers. Insulating those with the reflectix seems like a great idea...and has made the project list.

Not sure how to best insulate the hatches for when it really gets cold, but I have seen some with a simple canvas on the outside while others seem to have a low profile box, with plexi-glass across the top and weather stripping on the bottom. Just got to make sure they remain operable as they are a means of egress in case **** hits the fan...

I have looked at dehumidifiers and have not made the plunge yet. There are tiny ones that remove up to 1.5 pints of water a day. Seems like a lot until you see the larger units removing 25-45 pints per day. Anybody use the real small ones? Not sure I want to give up that kind of space yet. TREILLY any idea how big your dehumidifier is?

Slayer...your story is hilarious.

Thanks again everybody!!!
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