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Re: Boarding and rafting to stranger's boats.

Originally Posted by ScottUK View Post
Casey1999, I think your last post was referring to my post so in response I'll just say in my experience I have never seen firsthand a rafted boat damage another. This might be due to the extreme caution taken when rafting but I don't know for sure. What I have seen firsthand is boats dragging through anchorages, damage from one boat to another in side by side slips and boats falling over on the hard hitting the boat next to it. Granted rafting might not be practised as extensively as the other modes and so my experience might be biased but I do not think it puts other boats in undue peril if using a common sense approach.

Without empirical data I could not give an informed opinion on societal responsibility today as opposed to 70-100 years ago.

As far as litigiousness is concerned law in the States is refined by the courts hence the active jurisprudence.
My comment was based on this quote by you. I really don't care why, when and how you raft, as long as it is not next to me!

Originally Posted by rockDAWG

'It is only money, we can always make some more.'

Originally Posted by casey1999

'Try telling that to the mother of a starving baby in some third world country.'

Originally Posted by ScottUK:
"I will give it a shot when I raft up next to her yacht"
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