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Re: Our Medical Experiences in Mexico

Originally Posted by HeartsContent View Post
The reality of the Canadian health care system is that a bureaucrat, not a doctor will determine what your healthcare needs are.
That is unadulterated B.S.!!!!

I am Canadian, and needed to use the system a few years ago for a serious illness. Guess what? My choice of doctor, my choice of specialist and my needs met NOW. No delays, no 'panels' and no bureaucrats.

I called my doctor for to get an annual done last month, I was in 3 days later, he wanted a specialist to check out one thing, I saw that specialist 4 days later, and all was fine.

Friend of mine in Canada and I both injured a knee playing hockey on a Sunday. Monday I scheduled an MRI in the morning and had it read and got checked out by a knee doctor. All was well, just a sprain.

My friend was not so fortunate. He waited six months to get an MRI (guess Canadian medicine is way behind US) and he needed surgery. His bureaucrat determine that he was not a professional athlete so the motherland, oh I mean Canada didn't see the need to fix it. He could just use a cane with a slight limp.
Yup, but he could have gone to a private MRI and got it done the same day, at worst the next. He chose the government pay route. His obviously was not a life threatening issue. I had my MRI and catscans done as needed. No waiting. No charge.

Socialism sees no value in the individual. Unless you are a party member of status. My friend had no political connections to get his "priority" elevated. At least I have the opportunity to change my "priority".
Your friend had the option of going to a private MRI clinic. Your point is?

Keep in mind, Canada sends 1/3 less as a percentage of GDP on healthcare as opposed to the USA and guess what? We get better results... we live longer.

Our taxes are less... even Romney commented on that in the debate last night. Our debt as a percentage of GDP is far less than yours, and our deficit should be gone in 3 years. We have a trade surplus, and considerably less unemployment than the USA. Our banking system is recognized as the best in the G8.

I would not trade you my health care system for yours ever. My friends in the States, who have healthcare coverage, can only go to doctors their HMO allows, need pre-approval on procedures, have to consider their co-pays in the timing of appointments, and need to make decisions based on financial considerations, and not health ones. And they work for a government agency, not a private concern.

I don't lose coverage due to preexisting conditions, and I don't have to worry about changing jobs and worrying about what will change in my coverage.

Nope, won't trade ours for yours, ever. We pay less to get healthcare and we live longer. The proof is in the pudding.

Why are people happy to accept science which makes their life easier while rejecting science that makes their faith or beliefs more difficult?

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