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Re: Boarding and rafting to stranger's boats.

Originally Posted by chrisncate View Post
I still have yet to see an argument made that speaks to the fact that regardless of what you may desire at the moment (immediate parking for your pleasure boat), you are out there sailing by choice - and your desire to dock isn't an emergency or necessarily a situation that should give you easement rights over another private property.
While the dock may be public, the vessel you are commandeering and boarding in order to access that dock is not. It just strikes me as a very entitled attitude to have, again in light of the fact that you make the choice to potentially sail up to a dock that may not have the room to accommodate you.I don't see a justification (unless in an emergency) as to why you are entitled to park your boat at the risk and expense of another boater who got there first.?
I completely agree. Car parking is tight in SF (an understatement!). Let's just leave our keys in the ignition, pack the lot as tight as we can, and let whoever needs to leave, sort it out. Why not? You know darn well "why not"!
What happens if my "guest" (who I didn't know was on my boat) trips on a line, does a face plant into my cockpit and breaks his neck (could be drunk or just clumsy)? Does my insurance cover it, or was he trespassing? Was he preparing to raft a boat, or going shopping in my salon?
What if the rafting boat doesn't use fenders ("we're just dropping someone off") gouges the side of my boat in the surge, and leaves, without me even knowing they were there. Who do I look to for compensation?
Yet, I'm supposed to trust a person who I've never met, to board and handle my boat without my knowledge?
I certainly don't have a "Hinkely". However, I work hard to maintain the old boat I have. I find the concept that what would be considered trespassing on land, is acceptable at sea, nothing short of bizarre (regatta, and marina situations, not withstanding).
If I'm aboard, I'd do everything possible to accomidate them.

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