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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

Originally Posted by Heinous View Post
In San Diego, I think there are only two spots where you can anchor for free. These are restricted to a night or two, I believe, and you're supposed to get a permit from the Harbor Police. Not really an option for living aboard.

There are several mooring areas, with balls, all around the bay. The same company owns all of them. Some of these are in really excellent locations around the city. They are cheap, too. Only $125 to $150 per month. Unfortunately, there is a ten to fifteen year waiting list to get on one. Most of these boats on them are absolute wrecks that I can't believe even float, and they are not very nice to look at. Apparently, there are no requirements or standards to meet in order keep one of those moorings. It's a shame. I assume people live on some of them, since there are messy signs of life on board and a few with cats. I guess if you got your hands on one of these moorings and something that looks like it used to be a boat, this would be the cheapest way to live in San Diego.

My favorite place to tie up is at the bars that have guest docks right in front, but they won't let me live there...
These are the type of moorings I was referring to when I was asking about living aboard on a mooring. I kinda figured that there are these types, possibly owned by marinas, to be found about anywhere. When marinas move boats to moorings during storm conditions wouldn't they need to own the moorings in order to do that?

Keeping on topic with the OP, I get a picture based on all the comments so far that any opposition stems from derelict and/or trashy boats presenting an eyesore. That reasoning, at least to me, seems more like a symptom rather than a cause. I admit that I only have experience with 2 marinas but both presented me with a set of rules to follow that included statements that said my boat must be kept in a sightly manner (I'm paraphrasing here). Both were quite specific on what was and was not allowed to be kept on the docks. If people allow their boat to fall into such a state, and I acknowledge the difference between dusty/dirty from less than frequent visits from owners and filthy/trashy from abandoned or uncaring owners, then it would fall to marina management to enforce the rules they establish. It really gives the appearance of business's being frustrated from their own inaction and trying to avoid the situation entirely rather than having to face the unpleasant task of telling someone to clean up their mess or get out. Some on this forum may own or manage a marina so chime in on this. Is this the case? Is it difficult to impossible to actually get rid of these derelict boats? Are there no laws that address these types of problems or is it a matter that nobody wants to enforce them? I really don't see why living aboard at any marina has to be a problem other than the envy from non-boaters which was mentioned by another poster, in which case I think that it would be a form of discrimination.

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