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Re: Team Oracle Boat Capsizes

It was scary (and painful) enough pitchpoling a 19' Nacra catamaran.
Doing the same thing in a 45' or 72' cat must be terrifying, not to mention bone-crunching and body wrecking.

I think the AC started getting out of control when the guys from "Down Under" built the aircraft carrier and the USA countered with the first AC catamaran, Stars & Stripes.

The old 12-meter rule was getting old and outdated.
AC45's brought a lot of attention to sailing in general and to the Americas Cup in particular. Certainly we can come up with a "Happy Medium" somewhere in there?
One Design racing is fun and exciting. There are monohulls that are infinitely safer than the monster AC 45 and 72 cats.

It seems much of the interest in big cats is the same as NASCAR or rubberneckers driving past a serious accident on the interstate:
People are watching just to see the next big "crash" and nothing more.

How many of the people watching the AC recently with their IPods, Droids, Robots, Ipads and Clock-radios actually know the difference between a tiller and a boom? Could they identify a batten if it were thrown at them like a javelin? Do they know that sailboats haven't always been built from Carbon Fiber and sails from Kevlar, Mylar and Carbon? Most of them wouldn't know the difference between a 3/4 ounce "Chicken Chute" and a Cruising Spinnaker if their lives depended on it...

Do any of them actually know the longest winning streak in sporting history ended with the loss by the US in 1983 and the controversy surrounding Austrailia II's wing keel?

I seriously doubt it...
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