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Re: Boarding and rafting to stranger's boats.

Originally Posted by chrisncate View Post
Why do many on the pro rafting side automatically assume people who don't necessarily want to be rafted to and boarded are bad/wrong/jerks/bad people, whatever.. ?

Also, how and where do the pro rafters draw the line? At five boats? ten? A hundred? Who are you to say to that last guy who wants to add his boat in top of the pile... no, your boat is one too many?

It seems to me that in a pro rafting world, where the general attitude is "I need my access to the public dock regardless of all others" you give up your right to tell anyone at anytime "no, you may not add to the pile".

I dont think anyone is assuming the anti-rafters are jerks. There definitely are times when it is inappropriate and can cause damage to boats and the dock. Where to draw the line is a tough call and hopefully common sense will prevail. We have been rafted and when I thought the pile got to big or wind picked up I moved my boat. Not always convenient but such is life.

We all need to share limited resources such as dock space and play nice with others. If you dont want to be rafted to no matter what the conditions and what is allowed, then using a public dock probably isnt a good choice whether paying a fee or not.

In the case of the OP the surge made it inappropriate and the dock appears to have a no rafting policy for good reason. The person attempting to raft should not have even considered it.

As a child I was taught to share. Whats the objection to sharing under appropriate circumstances?
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