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Originally Posted by steel View Post
So how many think that there won't really be an economic collapse or other disaster alone but when "it happens" it will be more like a Communist revolution and travel will be restricted or locked down and if you have a boat on the ocean you better head straight out to sea within a matter of hours and never come back?
In America from what I hear anyways it (martial law) is "happening" but slowly and incrementally. TSA, army road checks, re-education camps, residential centers.
Once it gets really entrenched it may indeed be so unpleasant that you may as well leave and not come back, some people already have.

It's good to find a place to go of course...
Considering how difficult it is to get into Canada,
and that most of the America's is latino,
you may wish to start brushing up on your Spanish.

It's almost guaranteed that Europe isn't going to be much better,
Africa is obviously a poor choice, and Asia is very densely populated.

From what I read in "mass dreams of the future" a progressive hypnosis book about 2100-2300,
there will be some "new age" intentional communities functioning with high happiness and longevity along the west coast in various mountaineous regions,
from the Andes to the Rockies.
while the urbanites will be stuck in domes surrounded by toxic deserts.
But ya, only 5-7% of hypnotically progressed people even saw themselves having a future on earth in that time-frame...
Projected population 0.5-1Billion

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