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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

I'm part of a small group that owns 3 homes here in the California Delta.. two of those homes have their own docks and Liveaboards are strictly forbidden.. And we live on our boat.. we do allow friends to visit with their boat but only for a max of two weeks..
we've found that anytime a liveaboard is allowed, we have issues we dont want to deal with..
one major issue is the build up of items on the dock, from dock boxes to bicycles and if not left at the dock, are at the enterance to the dock..
and people, its not as much the people that live there but the people that visit and those they bring with them.
A year or so ago, we had leased out the house to one couple and the dock to another..
they have a nice boat, clean, respectable, and had insurance.. shortly after they moved in, their little chairs and a table appeared on the dock, bicycles, and a dock box.. then you would see a large folding table on the dock with his tools out when he was working on the boat. and then I stopped in one dfay, he had his car up on jackstands and was working under it.. when I asked him what he was doing, he said he was replacing the starter..
and he go pissed off when I brought it to his attention that he wasnt to do that there..
and further upset when I asked him to clear the docks of his stuff..
now people ask me why I dont allow liveaboards...
Its because your boat is your home, and everything you would be doing in and around your home, you are now doing in and around your boat.. from working on your car to storing you bikes..
and again we live on our boat,
the fact is, I would not rent our dock to someone like myself.. next to my steps are an old battery I need to get rid of, two propane tanks, and a powerwasher.. and my bicycles.. theses are things I wouldnt allow On my own dock..
and I think the biggest issue... I dont even want to confront anyone about the crap left on the dock..
so at the home we own, we've found it easier to lease the dock to someone who only visits the dock on weekends.. and they know that if anything is on the docks over the weekend, its cleaned up on sunday when they leave..

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