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Re: Climate change?

There are several studies that indicate winds speeds are slowing down or the presence of particulr winds are becoming less frequent. The University of Hawaii published a study demoinstrating a decreasing frequency and velocity of the North East Trade Winds. The University of Iowa has performed a simmilar study for mid-lattitude prevailing westerlies. The University of Bejing found similar occurences in China. Indiana University found world surface wind velocity decreasing due to trees.

At the same time, a University in Australia found winds speeds increasing over the ocean.

I am not sure but I think there is a consensus that overall, global surface winds are descreasing. Clearly this must be related to a decreased pressure differential which in turn affecs the gradient wind. Who knows if it is climate change. Maybe it is--Maybe it isn't.

One thing is true, the earth rate of rotation is slowing just al little every year-this has nothing to do with climate change. As the earths rotation slows over time so goes the change in Coriolis effect and therefore direction of winds.

There isn't a device on this world that can measure the indifference I have for that statement.
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