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Re: can I afford to continue sailing

I'm about a decade or so older than you and I also have a young child, but no boat. The finances of getting a boat are a hot topic in my little family as well. I am in a boat club, and the monthly dues and boat rental fees are not insignificant there either.

Honestly, the price you are paying for a seasonal slip should be doable. Negociate with your wife some other expense-cutting for the boat cost, it shouldn't even have to total the exact amount unless you are having a serious financial crisis.

We could all have more money if we never went anywhere or did anything other than work and chores while wearing clothes from yard sales, but I don't think anyone lives like that if they can help it. Some money is going to get spent for fun - if the boat is important, then try to make it work. At least you have a working boat, presumably paid for and in serviceable condition, which is a pretty good chunk of the puzzle solved.

In my case I have to figure the math on paying for a nice used boat, then getting it up to standard, as any used boat will likely have deferred maintenance issues, and then figure the annual expenses both quantifiable and estimated. You are well ahead of me on this issue, which is not something to walk away from lightly.

As others have written, try to keep the confrontation to a minimum, respect the budgetary concernes of you spouse but dont throw away a good thing for the sake of saving little. After all, what will replace the boat on summer weekends - car trips? restaurant outings? Nothing is free, and you will want to do something with your family, which may make keeping the boat not much more expensive than doing something else.

Forgive my rambling, but I have been thinking about this too much myself...

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