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Re: Still holding its own - HF Radio

" I think the KISS system has been around a while."
There's a saying among ham operators that you can use a lawn chair or a light bulb as an antenna and either one works fairly well. That doesn't mean they are GOOD antennas, it just means they can be made to work.
I think the KISS autopsies have proven beyond any doubt that if someone is afraid to use a tape measure and wire cutter, the KISS antenna is a very nicely made solution. Just connect it, and it will outperform the lawn chair or the light bulb.
Does that make it a good antenna? Depends on how you subjectively define "good". Does that make it a cost-effective antenna? Depends on how much you value your time, or fear of tape measures and wire cutters.

Some folks can't change a flat tire, they call the AAA. For that crowd, the KISS antenna is probably a very reasonable solution. For those who want substantially higher performance levels and don't mind doing a little work, there are other solutions. There's no debate, no mystery, involved here. What it is, and what it can do (on a relative or absolute scale) are all simple physics. Which of course is a mystery to many folks.
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