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Re: can I afford to continue sailing

This is what I do.

Never told the wife what I paid for the boat. I don't tell her what the slip cost, don't tell here how much the boat parts cost. If she really wanted to find out she could, all the bills are lying around for her to see.

What I do is make sure she always has a running car and some money, there is food on the table, the house is in reasonably good condition, there is money in the bank and money going to savings and retirement. The kids have adequate clothing. The kids do what ever sport they want and I take them to practice and go to their games. I also purchase what ever sports equipment the kids want as long as they are going to really use it (rather have them outside than watching tv or playing video games). The wife is free to do what activities she wants, and I'll watch the kids. I fix and maintain the cars, house and boat myself to save money.

What I don't do is: Smoke, Drink much, Chase women (do look though), Golf, Go to bars, Play silly sports where there are a lot of fees involved.

Note kids are not always overly thrilled about going on the boat, neither is the wife. Boat mainly for my sanity, although I do like getting the kids on the ocean, and it is good for them, they will have no fear of the water.

IF I did tell the wife what the boat cost, there probably would be a problem. Some things you are off better not knowing.

Good luck

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