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Re: Finger Lakes,NY to Key West,Fl.

Caleb= I believe we did sail by. I stopped at Tarrytown Yacht club to purchase some diesel an top off the water. Ther were a couple dozen sailboats racing on the west side.

At tarrytown an old fellow was manning the fuel pumps and I greeted him w/ a smile and told him I'd like a few drops of diesel and a bit of water, there wasn't anyone else around for the pumps. I did mentioned that if any motor boats pulled up while I was filling I would help him land them and move to accomidate as I was not in a rush.
He said fine and turned on the diesel pump and it started leaking all over the floating dock and the pump handle and hose.
He then picked it up by the hose and was trying to hand it to me on the boat.
I said "man I can't drag that over my boat and the other things on the deck all dripping with diesel."
Then he pcked up the water hose and rinsed the floating dock off into the water ! That kind of suprised me becsuse the fire rescue and the police were tied up a dock away! I then got some rags from below and wiped off the diesel from the pump and filled the boat tank being careful not to spil any in the water, I use a large funnel,
After which I topped off the water and suddenly he got ansy and said I had to hurry up as other people needed to get to the dock. Kinda wierd.

Anyway w're in Cape May,NJ now. Left NYC about 10am and got here about 7pm the next day. A long overnighter. I usually don't due overnighters as the girls don't like them and get all angry and freeked out. So, when I go overnight , it's like singlehanding and it takes a toll on me.This time Kim manned the helm till about 11pm I tried to nap, then I ran all night.
I sailed all day and night until about 7am when the wind went from east to south, then motored into 1-3' w/ 5-10 on the nose the last 60 miles from Atlantic city to cape may.
Motoring sucks, especially into wind and waves-bash -bob -bash sucking diesel .
So, the crews all worn out and angry w/ me for not putting in behind sandy hook . But I passed the hook about 1pm ( Getting the usual 9-10am late start) The wind and forcast was with me and I wanted to get NJ over with.
In past years we stopped every night first night shark river,then Barnaget light, then Atantic city . Well that was fun the first couple times but I wasn't into it this time I just want to get to the Cesapeake and start doing my part to make crabs and oyster endangered species.
Also ,I didn't want to waste 2 hours a day of daylight getting in and out of NJ inlets.
I thought the overnight rocked ! It was awesome sailing at night,I hardly ever get to,and watching the sun come up while sailing down the coast and not stopping was great. Makes me wish I had a better performing set of sails and/or a better boat.
So here we are in Cape may litterally "up a creek" I found this spot a few years back so I wouldn't need to anchor in front of the Coasty station at the mouth of the inlet. Also there is a public ramp nearby to land a dingy. The thing with Cape may is , there's no place to get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk within reasonable walking distance except a WaWA and they rob ya ! over $4 for a gallon of milk and I won't even talk about a loaf of bread, not even whole wheat ! just crapy white bread.
I'm gonna do a mapquest search for a grocery store tommorrow. I gotta check the tides and weather for the run up the Delaware. I won't go if it has an "N"in it. And low tide isn't until 10am ! then 11am thursday ! So I may have to go half way up and hide in Cohansey creek then finish the next day. THe Deleware gets really steep and short.
Also, I think the chesapeake is where te vacation/relaxation factor kicks in. Lots of great lttle towns next to great places to anchor, and bluecrab.. Yum
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