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Re: A Sobering Realization

My husband will be 66 and I will be 62 when our first opportunity comes to cut the dock lines and go (July 2016). The reason I say "our first opportunity" is because that is the date we will both be able to take our pensions. We will have a boat outfitted and ready to go and our shoreside affairs will have been put in order. Realistically though, if we can't sell our house (which we bought just before the crash in 2005, and is now upside down), it could even be later than that.

We thought we would be retired by 50 and had planned to sail much more of the world. As our departure date became many years delayed we realized that the rigors of long ocean passages no longer appealed to us and our plans have been modified to coastal and Caribbean cruising. Depending on the state of our health, maybe we'll modify them more so that we're never out of reach of a U.S. doctor. But the one thing we WON'T consider, as long we both have a reasonable degree of health, is giving up the plan altogether.

We make a conscious effort though to keep in the best physical condition we can. We eat very healthy, get plenty of rest, and we make ourselves keep very active. Besides our water activities, in the summer we bike, hike, and walk and in both summer and winter we strength train. If we don't feel like exercising one of us will usually remind the other of the reason we are doing it...."if you REALLY want to go cruising....." And that usually motivates us to get ourselves moving.

We know from experience that we have less stamina and strength than we once had. Reflexes are slower, eyesight not as good, a little less sure on our feet. But that just means we'll be more careful, we'll plan better, we'll wait as long as we have to for ideal conditions before moving on.

Please don't talk yourself out of this. Just take stock of what you need to do and what you can do to maximize your potential for success and GO. Do it until you can't anymore. You'll know when it's time to quit. But it doesn't sound to me like you're anywhere near that point just yet.

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