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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

Originally Posted by RandyonR3 View Post
Hi Dean,
I will agree, as at the time, I'm replacing the water tanks by building new fiberglass units... and I normally keep my boat in the marina where we own the Canvas and Upholstery Shop, but due to the work I need to do, I had to leave the marina and find a dock where the work would be approved to be done on the dock and the boat..
So in a way I've put myself in the place you speak of.. if work is to be done outside of the boat, I've found a "work" dock to do it on..
and awhile back I did have to do work on my car as the powersteering pump went out.. Now I've got a parking lot at my business, 3 homes I am in partnership with, and the home where I am keeping the boat at present, but I took the car to a friends ranch.. and the main reason was that I knew I would be creating a mess with oil all about and didnt want the mess where it didnt belong..

The reason I brought it up in the first place was, that liveaboards in a marina are like tenants in a home.. you have alot of good ones but because the rent is much lower for slip rental, you will get a lower class of people on average as liveaboards in a marina setting.. and that portion causes issues with all of us.. Its the one bad apple syndrome, and pretty soon, the farmers quit growing apples..
So in the marina setting, one of the factors may be, and I say "Maybe"
the rise in price for liveaboards is to weed-out the undesirables..
Thanks for the response Randy and thanks also for not taking my comment personally. I wasn't trying to come off as judgemental. I do see where you're coming from and I can totally understand the frustration both marina owners and other liveaboards must feel when you have to live with this type of problem. I just have a problem with punishing everybody for the actions of a few. It would be one thing if there was no way to tell who the troublemakers are, but there have been lots of posts in this thread where fingers are squarely pointed. If fellow liveaboards are noticing, then marina management would have to be blind not to. I feel that it is their job at that point to just say clean it up and keep it clean, or get out. Period. No need to slap everybody in the face.

Something I find more than a little sad is that it apparent, at least on this forum, that most sailors want the same thing as the authorities and some even offer good suggestions on how to help clean up the anchorages and marinas but the authorities seem to want to just pass whatever law they think is appropriate without concern for the effects on responsible boaters. I have this image in my head of some undesirable dirtbag moving into a high class sub-division and the total Hell that would be raised when the law, instead of targeting the undesireable, just condemned the entire sub-division. And that is what it sounds like is happening in some places according to some of the posts I've read here.

The topping on the cake is the fact that many experienced sailors on this forum give advice to newer sailors that if they stick near the coast they can always run for cover in the event of bad weather. But wouldn't I be better off well away from land where I wouldn't have to worry about being fined for anchoring? I really hope they don't yet have a problem with a sea anchor.
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