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Re: Why so many unused boats?

neverknow, you've really got to get on the program. You see, during WW2 the Allies found out that by putting up huge phony airfields and other props, they could fool German intelligence and that's been given major credit toward making D-Day a surprise and victory.

What's that got to do with boats, you ask? Well, in the 1940's the government learned how to build phony prop boats, very realistically. Now, there are programs run by the DEA and by DHS designed to keep drug smugglers and narcoterrorists out of our marinas and away from our shores. That's right, many of those "boats" you see going nowhere, are actually FAKE BOATS, just cardboard and paint towed in there to make the marina look full and discourage the bad guys from trying to sneak in and tie up in what would otherwise be empty docks. For the marina operators, this is found money, because those agencies pay full list price, often at the day rate or weekly rate instead of the annual contract discount.

So don't let the bad guys know. We're Keeping America Safe by cleverly hiding the places where a bad guy might otherwise come ashore. If you own a dock space and want to join theprogram, it is open to the public, but you will be subjected to a thorough security background check when you apply, so make sure you've paid all your parking tickets up first.

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