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Re: Texas to Mex. Riviera, to Cayamans

Next project ......
Before heading out to Progresso mid-next year I will be re-fitting my waste holding tank and all associated hoses and valves.... My current set up is over 15 years old.... and is beginning to smell like it.

My current hoses only go from head to tank, then from tank I have a Y valve to direct either to pumpout or out through thru-hull out into the deep blue via macerator pump (with a manula as a back up)... once I'm 3+miles off of course. .

I do NOT want to start poking more holes in my Hull below the water line........ but I DO want the option to pump directly overboard without going through the holding tank first..... This current set-up seems antiquated... and could be the cause of some odor buildup. ALL waste MUST go through tank first.

Recent research (and brain-picking) has led me to the following:

I will be getting a tank from either "" or "Trionic" tanks. And I plan on using "Trident" sani-shield hoses with "whale" Y-Valves.

Basically I am going to re-hose the exact system just the way it is (with the new tank).... but then add an extra hose with "Y-valve" leading directly from head that will tie in to the (overboard) hose coming out from the holding tank. This way i can utilize the existing thru-hull while still having the option to by-pass the holding tank itself.

Questions and concerns ------- 1. I'm hoping that the new line, which is now essentially a direct "overboard" line tied in to existing holding tank discharge will b just fine if I tie it in downstream of the macerator pump. On the one hand I don't know if forcing the waste the small extra distance will put wear and tear on the manual head pump......but on the other hand there won't be enough water coming from head to keep macerator primed anyway.... So I plan on tieing in Downstream of macerator. *** Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated****

****I am hoping to find a "Y" thru-hull attachment (but I have never seen one)

A "Y" coming directly from the thru-hull would give me 2 points of attachment... rather than one coming thru that has to split into 2.. which would create 3 points of connection. I have not seen one of these though (maybe just my inexperience)

2. Of course I will need to add a "Y" valve at head to choose tank or overboard. BUT.... Since i plan on tying in downstream from macerator... will I need a "Y" valve there ?. My thinking is no. But then .. di I need a vente dloop since the tank is already vented ? and If so.... should the vented loop be upstream or dowstream from the "Y" valve that determines tank or overboard....

I'm no plumber.... but what started in my head a simple little "add a hose" idea.... is turning into dozens of variables !!!!

such are the joys of boat ownership !!

Fair winds,
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