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Re: Pictures: Those perfect moments

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Well, do you mean if I only sail on the Med or if I am sailing all the time in the Med?

The answer to the first question is no. I have made all the Portuguese coast and most of the Atlantic Spanish coast and sailed there several seasons.

The answer to the second is also no, but I have on the last 10 years sailed many months on the med and on the next 2 years I hope to sail at least 8 more before going to the Canary, Madeira and Ašores Islands.

Regarding the Med I know all Spanish coast, the Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Elba and the Islands around, Ponza, South of Italy, part of North of Italy (Adriatic) and central (Tyrrhenian), Slovenia, Croatia, Monte Negro and part of the Ionian Greece.

Next year I want to sail around Sicily, to know a lot of Italian Islands (Capri, Pantelaria, the Stromboli and the Lipari Islands, Lampedusa), Malta, Ionic Greece, and part of the Aegean.

I plan to leave the boat in Greece and next year I will do the rest of the Aegean, Cyclades, Turkey, Crete, Chipre, Rodes and then I guess that I will return. Maybe I leave the boat on Sardinia and then next year it will be the Atlantic Islands.

Well, I guess I know only half of the Med. The other half is for discover on the next two years. I don't know if you have been there, if not it is hard to describe it. Probably the guy that knows it better is Rod Heikel that besides having circumnavigated has here its favorite cruising grounds. He has published several pilot guides and has a site full of wonderful stories, have a look:

Early Days in the Med - Mediterraneo

I am talking about him because he describes the Med better than anybody, something like this: It is a place where you can sail all day and at night you will find always a nice cove with a taberna

Besides that, in many places you have pre-set wind. I mean, it blows always from the same side, only in the afternoon and at night you have no wind at all

The number of shelters and coves is absolutely unbelievable. I guess that for instance Mallorca Island has more and better shelters than all Portuguese Coast and there are also nice places on the Portuguese coast.

To give you an Idea of the type of sailing I have done this summer, it was like that: After the morning bath and occasional shopping in a small village I pull out the anchor at around 10 AM and start sailing in the very week morning wind, I mean normally 3 or 4K and I mean sailing, doing 2.5K, 3.5K, sometimes less, while reading a book without knowing exactly were I am going, just the general direction.

After lunch, conveniently taken before wind starts to pick up, according with its direction and strength I chose two or three nice places (or coves) where I could stay and start to enjoy sailing.

if it blows really nice and I am doing 8/9K instead of the 6 I was expecting I just forget about those places and just chose some others that will allow me to fully enjoy sail and arrive there at about 5 in the afternoon.

After the afternoon bath sometimes we go to the local taverna to have a meal, or din in the boat at sunset, going to land for a drink at night. This lifestyle is not only on Croatia, but on Greece or in other med Islands.

So, its easy to get used to this. Don't take me wrong, I miss to sail non-stop for several days, but I cannot do that with my wife. She does not like it at all and I have to do that alone or with my kids that this summer worked all summer. Not that I am complaining

Regards Paulo
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