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Re: Post Survey Cost Estimates

Originally Posted by awahl View Post
One of the other things mentioned in the survey- and I'm not sure if this is standard survey etiquette, or because of the age/condition of the boat... to the effect of: "If cruising more than 25 nm offshore it is recommended that a USCG approved self inflating life raft be fitted to the vessel..." along with epirb...etc. - Now that sounds like common sense to me, but it makes me wonder if it's also being added because of the age/condition of the boat? Do older boats automatically get this kind of statement...or all boats...or is it dependent on the surveyor...?
Congratulations on your almost purchase and welcome aboard.

As far as the life raft epirb etc that is basic recommendation for any boat going off-shore including brand new boats.
In fact in some off-shore races it is a requirement.

As far as the cost to fix those other items without even pictures internet expert estimates will be just wild guesses.
You are doing the right thing by getting quotes from the yard.
In one sense the only thing that matters is a quote from someone willing to do the work.

There does seem to be a fairly significant list of significant things.
The most troubling is the side deck soft spots and leaks.
These can be very expensive to have the yard fix, it is labor intensive.
Once you add up all the costs to get it from fair to good the boat price needs to reflect that.
Based on what you said so far, the current price may not be appropriate.

Another thing is just how will the boat look after the structural repairs are done?
The chances of repairing the side decks and the spider cracks and match the gelcoat are very unlikely. The fix is painting the whole boat.
That will make it look like new but can easily cost 20k which may be almost as much as you are planning on paying for the boat.

If everything else is pretty good and you get the boat for a good price you can choose to live with the spider cracks and soft deck if it is not super soft. Find the leaks and fix them.

Fixing the mast-step, wiring and goose neck your rigger can easily do just get a quote.

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